bobby anti-theft backpack - urban (black)

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Tired of being robbed without immediately noticing? Never worry about pickpockets again with the Bobby Anti-theft Backpack. It's the safest and most convenient backpack ever! 



  • lock reinforced with steel
  • hidden pockets in the side and back
  • plenty of carrying space (up to 27 litres)
  • front and sides are cut-proof
  • hidden RFID Bags
  • just for extra space (30x30 cm)
  • integrated key cord 
  • padded storage compartments on the inside
  • reflective bars on the back and sides for safe travels
  • designed to relief the weight pushing down on your shoulders (you feel less weight by 20% - 25%)
  • multiple compartments 
  • water resistant
  • anti sweat and air permeability
  • luggage strap
  • elastic strap on the back
  • colour: black
  • material: polyester
  • dimensions: height 64 x width 32 x depth 15 cm



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