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"Life's a beach, find your wave!

Life is more beautiful at the beach… The sun on our faces, a cocktail in our hand (with or without a little umbrella), no worries on our minds... We all dream about it sometimes (every day?). How fantastic would it be to be able to feel those vibes all the time? 

Unfortunately, we can't bring you the beach, but we can bring a bit of summer into your home with this fun card! Give it to someone who could use some summer feeling or give it to yourself as a present. "Gift?", I hear you think. Yes, gift! Because this card is made of metal so you can also hang it on your wall or put it on your cupboard. So when you send this original card, you are also sending them a gift at the same time.

Are you a fan of efficiency? Then there is no reason (at least not that we can think of) not to put this card in your shopping cart. 




  • colour: multi
  • material: metal
  • dimensions: 14 (h) x 10 (w)



Life is better at the beach // On tour since 1950 // Take me to the waves

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