cervicale massage shiatsu (black)

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Do you need to relax or revitalize? This massage cushion for the cervical spine is equipped with 2 rotating engines. Each engine has 2 massage heads of different diameters and infrared heaters. Because the rotation-direction changes every minute, you can truly relax! An AC adapter is included for indoor use and an adapter for the cigarette lighter in your car. So you can also enjoy a relaxing break during long car trips.

Even this bearded dragon can't get enough of it!





  • for neck, back, stomach and leg massages
  • double massage system
  • localized massage for more intensity
  • infrared LED technology
  • diffuse a continuous pleasant warmth
  • relaxing effect
  • perfect for at home, at the office,on holiday, in the car,...
  • back strap
  • double power supply
  • instructions included
  • technical specifications: 
    • input: 100-240 V A 50/60 Hz 0,8 A
    • output: 12 V DC ¼ 2A
    • wattage: 24W
  • colour: black
  • dimensions: 18 (h) x 31 (w) x 9 (d) cm
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