DIY keyring of a letter

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When you give this gift, you'd better have a mop handy, because melting hearts are a guarantee! Bring out your best writing skills and write the most beautiful letter, put it in the oven, watch it shrink and then hang it on the key ring provided. Tadaa, a personalised key ring! And that was just the fun for you! Can you imagine how happy the recipient will be?

This gift is perfect for your partner, your parent, your child, your friend... Are you writing a letter that comes straight from the heart, or one with all the inside jokes that no one else understands, or perhaps to make an announcement? These are just some of the possibilities, but whichever way you go about it, it is guaranteed to hit the mark!



  • included: 1 magic shrink blank lined letter, 1 blue permanent marker, 1 keyring, 1 instruction sheet
  • material: magic shrink film
  • weight (incl packaging): 0,025 kg
  • dimensions: 9,5 (h) x 12,2 (w) x 0,01 (d) cm
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