enamel drinking cup - mini

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Drink in style with this nostalgic enamel cup! 

Thanks to the light, yet sturdy material, this enamel mug is perfect for the outdoor kitchen - whether you are camping, in the garden or by the campfire. Their vintage appearance brings the nostalgic outdoor flair to the office and your home as well. The enamelled surface provides stability, protects against breakage and provides a great surface for the beautiful design. Easy cleaning and aroma-neutrality guaranteed!

Finally, this drinking cup is also very nice to use as a pot for your pens or sweets or as a flowerpot!




  • holds 36 cl
  • not allowed in dishwasher
  • not allowed in microwave
  • breakproof
  • material: enamel
  • dimensions: 8 (h) x Ø 8 cm



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