fidget pop toy - geometric

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"Fidget Pop" - is the latest fidget craze sweeping the world.

The soft, smooth silicon, is pleasing to touch and popping the bubbles in and out is not only satisfying but also relieves stress and calms the mind.
The product is great for children and adults.

The flexible material allows it to be stored very easily and taken to school, the office, on holiday or wherever you go.

“Fidget Pop” can also be enjoyed as a brain-training game, where you agree a maximum number of bubbles that can be pressed on each turn and then each player takes it in turns to press a number of bubbles (from one to the maximum number agreed) with the person popping the last bubble being the loser.



  • content: fidget pop toy (circle OR square OR octagon)
  • colour: rainbow/multi
  • material: silicon
  • dimensions: length 12.5 x width 12.5 x height 1,6 cm
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