drinking cup - coolest dad ever

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Let your dad know what a cool father he is with this mug. This way, he can stroke his ego every morning with his cup of coffee and not keep asking you how much you like him. So this jug is not only an ideal gift for papa but also gives you more time at the breakfast table! Win-win!

This beautiful cup is easy to hold and has a shiny finish.

Ideal to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, ...




  • dishwasher safe
  • suitable for microwave
  • colour: white, black
  • material: porcelain
  • dimensions: 9 (h) x 11 (w) x Ø 8.5 cm
  • dimensions packaging: 9.5 (h) x 11.5 (w) x 9.5 (d) cm



Coolest dad ever

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