night light - unicorn

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Let this rechargeable night light help you with your kids fear of the dark! Your little one won't have to feel scared anymore thanks to this new best friend! The unicorn night light provides a pleasant light that is gentle on the eyes but emits enough light to illuminate dark corners. Tell me again that unicorns aren’t magical!

This adorable friend works by touch and has several light modes. You set the mood: warm white light or changing colours. After 15 minutes it goes to sleep automatically when not touched anymore. Because it doesn't heat up, your child can safely take it to bed with them. 




  • rechargeable: charge time 2-3 hours (red light is on until fully charged)
  • micro USB cable with 5V USB adapter included
  • cable length: 2 metres
  • light modes: 50% white light, 100% white light, colour change RGB, red, yellow, green, blue, stand-by mode
  • sleep mode after 15 minutes
  • colour: white, pastel colours on the manes
  • material: ATBC PVC Thalate free
  • dimensions: 17 (h) x 9 (w) x 10 (d) cm
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