drinking game - don't get drunk

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The aim is clear: don't get drunk! But that is easier said than done with this hilarious card game. Challenge your friends to a wild evening with this fun drinking game. Can you complete the challenges and not go completely off the rails? With 100 challenges, this game won't get boring any time soon.

How to play: Shuffle the deck of cards and place them face down. The first player takes the top card of the pile and decides whether he wants to do the challenge or choose to drink. If the challenge is completed, the player keeps the card, otherwise the player puts the card back at the bottom of the pile. The first player to have 7 cards wins!

Can be played with any drink. Recommended for adults only. Drink responsibly.




  • contents: 100 cards
  • drinks not included 
  • age: 18+
  • material: laminated paper
  • dimensions: 15.5 (h) x 9 (w) x 3.5 (w) cm
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