10 tips to take care of yourself

10 tips to take care of yourself

| By Marie Nimmegeers
It is time to think about yourself for a change. It is important to recharge your batteries.
How? Let us get you started!

It's time to think about yourself for a change. We have just passed Valentine's Day where you pampered your partner (if any) and the communion season is coming up where everything will revolve around the children again. So it is important to recharge your own batteries first.

How? Let us help you on your way!


Work on your fitness

Yes, you've heard it so many times: a healthy mind in a healthy body. But, of course, it really is true. When you take care of your body, your body takes care of you!

Enlist the help of our fitness cards to get into 'perfect shape'. Or our rings to tone the muscles in your hands and arms. Important for holding on to that beer or glass of wine with the terrace weather coming up!


Prioritise sleep

Now that you are all 'in shape', you still need that healthy mind. And the basis of this is a good night's sleep. Not always easy. That's why we'd like to help you with some tips.

For instance, it's best to stop using screens an hour before bed. Whether this is watching TV or being busy with your smartphone, none of it is good. You know that too, of course. Better to prepare your body and thus your brain for sleep. Like by taking a nice hot bath or meditating.

It is also important to make it dark. When it is dark, your body produces melatonin and let that be the substance that tells your brain it is time to go to sleep.

Need some help? Use our wonderfully scented bath bombs to totally unwind or a soft eye mask to make it dark!


Get a massage

Go for the ultimate in relaxation by treating yourself to a massage. A (half)hour of completely surrendering yourself to the capable hands of a masseuse, sounds fantastic right?

Prefer the comforts of home? Take a look at our various massagers to help you find that well-earned rest. That way, your partner will also have a break from pushing that sore spot.


Hou een dagboek bij

"Dear Diary, ..."

No, we obviously don't mean that. But writing down both the positive and negative things that happened that day every day can help clear your head and put things into perspective. You can also choose to ritually burn the things you didn't like that day, but uh SAFETY FIRST!

Still looking for a nice book to put all your happy thoughts in? You've got it! We have the perfect book for you. Our happiness journal focuses on the beautiful things in your life.


Challenge your brain

Yes, that too is good for your health. Look at your brain as the engine of your body. If your brain is not working properly you will stumble, not get out of your words and feel like you are behind the times. So training that mass at the top is a good idea.

You can do this by solving our 3D wooden puzzles, toilet sudoku or our elastic cube, for example.


Give yourself a mani-pedi

Enjoy wellness in your own home with a well-deserved mani and pedicure. Give your hands and feet a nice bath and mask and get your nails looked after. Cut, file and apply a nice nail polish and you will feel as good as new!

Had enough of boring nail clippers? We've got you covered!


Play with your pet

There is nothing better for your mental health than spending some time with your favourite pet. Whether it is a dog, cat, guinea pig, snake or any other animal, spending time with animals is always a good idea.

Looking for some fun toys for your dog or cat? Check out our 'Pets' category then. Your four-legged friend's new favourite toy is already waiting there.


Learn a new language

How is this self-care you might ask? Well, besides the fact that your self-confidence grows when you can ask for the bill on holiday like a "local", there are now also several studies showing that it can slow down the symptoms of Alzheimer's and dementia.

And nobody said you have to learn the fancy words, right? Take a look at this card set that will give you a very colourful vocabulary. In no language do they still make fun of you without you knowing it!


Feel grateful

This goes without saying. People who are grateful feel happier. But after such a typical day at work or in traffic, it can sometimes be hard to feel that gratitude. That's why it can help to write it down.

This can be done in a diary, as described above, but you can also be very original about this. Like this gratitude tree, for example. Write on each leaf something you are grateful for and look back on this on days when you can no longer see the wood for the trees.


Treat Yo’Self!

This one is by far the most fun. Treat yourself to that one thing you've been dreaming of all along. Whether this is a new piece of clothing, your favourite food from your favourite restaurant or that fun trip you've been dreaming of for years, give yourself that gift!

Of course this comes with a price, but have you ever looked at yourself at your happiest? You glow baby! And for that money, we also have a solution. Keep a money box in which you put all your change. You'd be surprised how much money you save this way.

Take a look at our money banks to keep your money in. Reusable so you don't literally have to break your piggy bank to do something nice for yourself.




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